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Property Management is our core business. We handle all our properties with great care and attention to detail. If you've been searching for a company that treats your investment the way you do, you've been looking for us! Your rental property is a valuable asset, entrust it to a company who can help you maximize returns and minimize headaches!


Our full-service Residential Management Services consists of:

Property Marketing and Rentals:

  • Multi-channel marketing to quickly attract qualified candidates
  • Easy automated online application process
  • Online tenant screening including; credit, criminal, employment and rental history
  • Lease signing & tenant move-in coordination
  • Rent, security & pet deposit collection
  • Conduct tenant correspondence including 5-Day Late Notices
  • Provide full representation in all court filings and proceedings
  • Lease breach/violation enforcement
  • Lease renewals
  • Tenant move-out inspection and re-rental

Property Maintenance:

  • Coordination of all repairs & regularly scheduled maintenance by independent, qualified service technicians
  • Regular semi-annual inspections for damage and/or wear
  • Timely and effective communication with owners on important issues
  • Annual exterior assessment and recommendations to increase market rents
  • Annual mechanical and major building systems inspections
  • Coordination of scheduled routine service to prevent outage & extend system life

Financial Reporting:

  • 24/7 online access to your portfolio with detailed reports
  • Monthly detailed income/expense reports with cost-saving recommendations
  • Monthly trend reports to spot inconsistencies and potential problems in advance
  • Quarterly invoices & payment reporting including water, sewer & property taxes
  • Annual rent roles & expense summary for use with tax preparation software or accountant


Standard Service Rates:


  • 10% of Agreed Monthly Rent + 
  • 1 month's rental rate for new tenant placement
    (paid at lease signing -- never upfront)



  • $99 Initial Set-up Fee; $25 each additional unit.
    (covers initial property inspection & report, photographs, rental license addendum, and administrative startup costs)
  • $60/hr - Time/Labor Rate:
    • Gathering Estimates & Repair Costs
    • Meeting with City/County Departments & Inspectors, Agencies & Contractors
    • Project planning & management, bill payment services and any additional items not covered in monthly management rate
  • $600 - Court Filing/Eviction Services (plus court costs)
    • File initial case for summary possession
    • Attend court and conduct hearing on your behalf
    • File for eviction service using court Constable/Sheriff
    • Attend eviction/complete lockout (plus costs of locks)
    • Wage attachment (in-state employer, first attempt only)
    • Forward case to collections agency (optional)



We provide support for the regular operations of civic associations, communities and condo associations.  If you are a board member, owner, resident or are simply interested in finding out more about the process of engaging a community (HOA) manager, we'd like to talk with you to tailor our service to your needs.  Although each community is different, we bring a consistent approach and infrastructure when working with your team to manage your association.

Our Association Management Services include standardized role & duties:


  • Maintain communication with the board, association members/owners, and vendors
  • Attend Board meetings, Owner/Resident meetings and committee meetings (opt.)
  • Respond to letters and log calls from owners
  • Send notices of annual meetings
  • Community website option
  • Email and phone access

Fiscal Management:

  • Collect assessments
  • Ensure timely bill payment
  • Produce financial statements
  • Establish a draft budget for the board and implement budget policy
  • Ensure tax forms are completed and taxes are paid, as appropriate

Advice & Consultation:

  • Attend Board meetings adding value to conversations where able
  • Advise the board on governing documents
  • Research insurance coverage and process claims
  • Refer the board to other professional advisors (e.g. attorneys, CPAs, engineers, etc.)

Record Keeping:

  • Maintain records for the Association
  • Maintain files for each member of the Association/owner
  • Process initial Architectural Request Committee (ARC) applications

Property Management & Maintenance:

  • Interview, hire, supervise and terminate association staff, when necessary
  • Negotiate contracts and engage vendor – with Board approval
  • Monitor contract vendors such as landscapers and custodial services
  • Inspect and maintain comment elements
  • Manage emergency situations

Strategic Relationships:

  • Credit Reporting available to reduce delinquencies and reward on-time payers.
  • Collections Agency and other partnerships to capture funds lost to non-payment
  • Attorney relationships to provide general counsel and bring legal actions, if necessary
  • Service partners willing to provide a discount on their trade when called.

Service Rates: 



  • Standardized services with annual or multi-year agreement
  • Option to customize services based on size, budget, and amenities
  • Coupon booklet printing/mailing available
  • Secure online owner account access available
  • Online payments via automatic withdrawal, debit or credit card


  • Option 1:
    Alà carte professional services offered based on current needs, entity type & infrastructure already in place.  Pricing based on service level provided and the above services tailored for your needs.
  • Option 2: 
    General overall financial and physical property management of your HOA including all of our base community services. Please call us at (302) 439-0545 to discuss pricing for your size organization.
  • Collections Agency Integration: (Opt.)
    Simple and cost-conscious integration with our preferred local collections firm to offer "white-glove" or third-party collections options to reduce your outstanding account balances. Fees are paid by the collection agency using a percentage of any funds collected.
  • Credit Reporting Integration (Opt.)
    Partnership with Equifax to report the status of all accounts each month, keeping delinquencies low and bringing accountability to monthly HOA payments. Rewards on-time payers and alerts other companies of potential payment problems.

  • Other services are available upon request, just ask!



  • $60/hr - Time/Labor Rate:
    • Additional Meetings with Owners/Residents or Vendors
    • Additional Committees outside those set in the standard agreement
  • Any additional items not covered within the monthly management rate
  • Expenses Incurred (materials, postage, attorney/court costs, signage, etc.)


We know that your property is key to your livelihood and we believe you should always be informed, given choices that make sense and treated fairly and with respect. Let our professional staff help you to increase profits, reduce your workload and provide you peace of mind. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, seasoned property investor or a tenured apartment owner, Common Cents Property Mgmt. can deliver the property management solution that best fits your investment goals.

Life is easier when you use Common Cents!


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